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Copywriter, London, UK – Instagram: benwade73

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I’m already delighted you’re reading this. In return, I'd like to provide you with some easy-to-read bullet points about the highlights of my life in advertising to date:

The shorts:

•2 years as part of an in-house but start-up that now employs over 150 people (Spark44).
• Loves writing copy short and long, and headlines too. Radio is always a blast.
• Worked for over 3 years at one of the world’s most awarded agencies.
• Lots of digital: display, e-crm, website, games.
• International experience: Amsterdam, Barcelona and Shanghai.
• Awards and recognition in most media.
• Lots of cars but lots of other stuff too, including cheese.

The longs:

Over 3 years at one of the world’s most creative agencies – AdamandEveDDB (DDB London back in the day).

I’ve been involved at a start-up that now employs over 150 people. At Spark44 I worked alongside the ECD and produced ATL, DM and lots of digital inc e-crm, display and website for over 2 years. Building up an amazing brand in Jaguar and taking it with the rest of the agency from Alive to English Villain and beyond. Smashing many coconuts along the way.

I’ve got my passport out and worked in Amsterdam (2 years), Barcelona (2 years), Edinburgh (1 year work visa for English) and Shanghai. I think it’s been worth it, for my soul and my portfolio.

Digital: I’ve worked at uber digital agency LBiDigitas for two years, as well as long stints at sapientnitro and AKQA. And of course doing digital and integrated 360 thinking at all agencies since before Facebook began. I've also passed Google Squared online and have a proper digital qualification.

I’ve picked up some awards or recognition along the way – in most media, including a D&AD nomination, Clio, Creative Circle, Aerial nomination and a Guardian Innovation award. I'm equally proud of winning the NABS pop quiz (what agency doesn't need a pop trivia specialist?).

I’ve done some exciting shoots and have experience of executing to big budget level. Including a month roadtrip around Europe and going to Rio with a duck.

I always try my best to do good creative. and will stand up for good work. Don’t worry, I have many account people and clients as Facebook friends (I'm not sure if they follow me - but you can't have everything).

I love crafting (writing) as much as I love copping a feel at conceptual.

I’ve done lots of car brands but also fashion, utilities, corporation and media. I like motors too, but I haven’t got one as I live in zone 3 and have a bike instead, and have a bus stop outside my house (posh I know).

I’ve done Google Squared online. My groups project got the highest score ever. (It’s an app/social tool – top secret at the mo.)

Here’s some non-work (human) stuff:

• I love to travel. I’ve been to over 40 countries, and have somehow got to the top of Kilimanjaro (take the stairs to build up vital leg muscles I say, even to take a wee in the murky basement loos). In Barcelona I picked up a fair amount of Spanish (to annoy Catalans), but struggled a bit at times in Edinburgh. In Amsterdam, even the trash man spoke fluent English.

• I love cinema. I’ve seen all the Godfathers, plus more. I even watched Dune the other day.

• I’m a keen - and improving - badminton player. A founder member of the South West Strings badminton Meetup group. Growing from about 10 to over 1000 members in two years.

• I've had my eyes lasered to the sounds of 'Unbreak my heart' by Toni Braxton. I still smell burning eye flesh whenever I hear that song.

That’s it for now. If you’re still reading, thank you very much!


Automotive: Jaguar (360) VW (ATL – Started ‘Loaded with Extras’ campaign in 2003 - which is still running) SEAT (ATL & Integrated) Audi (ATL – pitch Shanghai), Mini (Extensive Web copy at AKQA), Ford (UK rebranding, ATL and Integrated), Audi (successful pitch at BBH Shanghai).

Charity: Crusaid (HIV charity – now part of Terrance Higgins Trust), Jaguar Academy of Sport.

Finance: Barclaycard, Barclays, LTSB (TOV Doc at LBi).

Food & Drink: Cravendale, Rosenborg, Nimble Bread (all print). Hovis radio.

Media: Closer Magazine (5xTV ads), Guardian Newspaper (Print, Radio and TV). Scotsman (Radio and print).

Retail: Harvey Nichols (ATL), Marks & Spencer (125th anniversary website and copy at LBI), Heals (Print – Winter & Summer campaigns).

Sponsorship: Barclaycard Premiership, SEAT Europa League (TV & Radio).

Technology: Canon (2 years 360 in Amsterdam), Samsung (pitch in Shanghai).

Tourism: Rebranding of Thompson Fly at DDB (TV & Print), Royal Yacht Britannia, Tourish Ireland, Jumeirah Hotels Dubai.

Utilities: British Gas/Centrica (Engaging Green themed game experience for kids). British Gas Print at DDB.

Many, many (successful) pitches too...

Ben Wade


  • Online and offline copy and ideas