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New work & Fave Spec

Here’s some things I’ve done lately, some of it ran, some it was for pitches (some successful) and some are just for fun – a lot of it done for BBH Shanghai and Blue HIve UK. There’s some mood films and storyboards here too that I would be gagging to make. The ideas perhaps need to mature here for a bit until ready for the main page. I hope you enjoy some of them.

Recent work for Ford repurposing 'scrap' footage to make a strong narrative in support of the new Unlearn campaign.
Below is a recent campaign including online and radio that I’ve done for Ford UK at Bluehive for an SUV event in October 2015. It was highly successful – watch this space for exact figures. You can also see the Facebook post which got over 5000 likes – which I’m quite happy with (I’ve been told that’s good and patted on the back by the awesome hand of social media). Don’t miss the radio: I have put the word ‘radio here’ as a guide. Ford Active Weekend RADIO Here ˘ Goodyear Tyre demo film - for use by mechanics and tyre fitters throughout the Pacific region! Made from limited stock footage. Managed to add a few light touches to the drab affair of tyre design and treds. Oh, hang're really into tyres? Well then my friend, this will be a real treat.
Pitch Film for a Samsung at BBH Shanghai. For a Internet of Things/Connected Home idea. It's a mash-up of Stock Films to articulate the idea. Recent work as part of the McDonald’s pitch. These ideas focused on recruitment and how there is so much more to a ‘McJob’ including great promotion prospects, and the benefit of flexible working hours.

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